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March 23 2017

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Brown-hooded Parrot - Pyrilia haematotis; Range: Mexico south to W Panama. This species is found up to 1200m in dense primary rainforest, including low elevation cloud forest, forest clearings with grass and scattered trees, and cultivated areas.

Photo by Bill Holsten.

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The Death’s-Head Hawkmoth gets its name from the skull-like mark on its thorax. People once considered it a bad omen. 

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“Dad, I know it’s probably hard for you to see me this way, but the obdient, little helpless blind girl that you think I am just isn’t me. I love fighting. I love being an Earthbender. And I’m really, really good at it.”

Moar fanart!

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A good Sunday.

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Melissa Haslan

March 17 2017

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I love Jack’s badass new outfit so much y’all!!!

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This is Tucker, he is an astronaut dog. These are bookmarks I did for school !

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When you have warm laundry, all is right with the world (Source: http://ift.tt/2mOQMJy)

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March 12 2017

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Season 2 of Voltron starts Jan,20th AND I wanted to make my friend a gift for Xmas soooo….fanart seems to be a good compromise??

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Frozen Adventure (Source: http://ift.tt/2mdArKR)

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art has been difficult lately, but here’s a wip
{do not remove caption}

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March 10 2017

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Annecy, France

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