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May 21 2018

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Here’s my full piece for the Ghibli charity fanzine SPIRIT! If you missed the first round, we’re reopening preorders, so be sure to grab yourself a copy :) thanks guys!!

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He monch

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star child

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May 20 2018

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Joanna Newsom
Photographed by Annabel Mehran

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Alebrije Pepita, Dante, Frida Kahlo’s Monkey and Ernesto de la Cruz’s Chihuahua. (via @leeunkrich)



I haven’t met all of me yet.

What a lovely and terrifying thought all at the same time

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Esao Andrews

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Francisco Laporta Valor - Rosa Mística (1894)

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The Malawi Terror Beast is an animal that has not been officially identified - though most agree it might have been a rabid hyena, however Parks and Wildlife Officer Leonard Sefu says that it is strange for a hyena to attack whole villages. The attacks happened in 2003, and two women and a three year old baby were killed by this beast - their skulls crushed and entrails and genitals eaten. Numerous other people were seriously injured and sent to the hospital. Some people lost legs, some lost hands, others lost eyes and ears to this beast. One woman was missing her nose and mouth. 

May 17 2018

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Iconic historical stage designs for The Queen of the Night sequence from Mozart’s “Magic Flute” - the first image by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in 1815, the second by Simon Quaglio in 1818 (x)

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Hi,I’m back!

Stickers can be found on Redbubble

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