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April 12 2017

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Warm-up drawings. 

April 11 2017

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Moonrise Highway, Baja, Mexico

photo via pullme

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Roberto Ferri (Italian, b.1978)

Santa Rosalia

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Foggy city vibes.

April 09 2017

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You should check out Welcome to My Life by Elizabeth Ito! It’s a Cartoon Network short that was just released and it has garnered quite a bit of totally deserved critical praise. It’s like a warm blanket you just wanna wrap yourself up in. I love it!

I love, love, LOVED the art style in this! And the documentary-esque format of the short! Very refreshing to see!

This is so genuine and innocent. It’s really adorable.

there’s a lot media that tries to achieve a kind of young, humble realism with the dialogue and mood, and most works tend to fall very clearly flat. (looking at you oxenfree)

this is not one of those! the interaction, inflection, conflicts, etc.. everything works to feel genuine and believable in this little short’s own context. i’ve become so accustomed to this angle not working for me because it’s rarely executed smoothly, but this thing was simply worth watching

April 08 2017

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Verbania Pallanza - La bella Pallanza , un fiore tra i fiori // Elso Zanoletti

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Passive mode

Active mode

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🌟Love 🌟

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April 07 2017

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There’s a faerie in the lilacs

April 06 2017

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happy boy

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sometimes … just need to chomp

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