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July 19 2017

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¡Gran inicio de semana! Postal de #Tlaquepaque #Jaliscp #México

#MeGustaGdl #guadalajaramx via Instagram http://ift.tt/2usZVMH

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Bunny’s footsteps🐇 ♪

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By: Magdalena | magspangeni

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June 22 2017

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Lookin’ for cows.
#backroads #idaho #cowdog

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I just drew this for my followers on my site Collectorviper; happy holidays gorgeous babes! Have a lovely time.

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paint exchange ink edition

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late night angry cyborgs

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From my beloved

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I was told my pup Kodiak is quite the model (Source: http://ift.tt/2sBHW30)

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Necrobotany is such a cool idea like:

  • druidic nature magic + necromancy
  • undead skeletons being supported by plant fibers to make up for missing muscles and ligaments so they can run instead of shamble
  • turning said skeletons into multi limbed monstrosities with vine arms
  • or piecing together bones and limbs with vines to make fleshier monsters
  • adding thorns or huge venus fly traps or poison onto minions
  • undead exploding into petals and leaves like a smokescreen, or infecting opponents with disease from pollen
  • suffocating opponents from the stench of rotten minions and corpse flowers

April 12 2017

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Warm-up drawings. 

April 11 2017

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